J. G. Brill Type 5 City Cars
(Hex End Cars)

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Non Powered - Kit # Brill Type 5

Powered - Kit # Brill Type 5-P

Boston Street Railway

Reading Street Railway Co.

Wilkes-Barre Railway Corp.


Boston Street Railway   -   Reading Street Railway Company   -    Wilkes-Barre Railway Corporation
Eastern Pennsylvania Power & Railway Company

The Reading & Temple Railway Company and the Reading & Womelsdorf Electric Railway began operation in 1894. On March 14, 1893, the Reading Traction Company was formed to lease and operate the Companies. The Reading Traction Company was, in turn, leased by the United Traction Company in January 1896. The United Power & Transportation Company, formed in 1899, controlled and managed 75 companies including United Traction, The Lebanon Valley, The Roxborough-Chestnut Hill & Norristown and the Schuykill Valley.
The United Traction Company was merged with a new company forming the Reading Transit & Light Company. In 1924, control passed into the hands of the General Gas & Electric Company and the name was changed to Reading Transit. Early in 1930 the leases of the Roxborough, Chestnut Hill & Norristown, the Schuykill Valley and the Lebanon Valley were cancelled.
In 1930, the Reading Street Railway Company was chartered to consolidate the following transit companies:
Adamstown & Mohnsville Electric Street Railway        Birdsboro Street Railway
Northeastern Street Railway         Front & Fifth Streets Railway     Reading City Passenger Railway
Reading Traction     Oley Valley Railway      Reading Transit        Reading & Temple Electric Railway
Reading & Womelsdorf Electric Railway     East Reading Electric Railway 
Street railway transit in the southern anthracite coal fields began in Pottsville, PA. On April 4, 1865, a charter was received for the People's Railway. On October 5, 1889, the Schuykill Electric Railway was chartered to construct and operate the following electric lines in and around Pottsville:
The Tamaqua and Pottsville (1892)       The Pottsville and Reading (1892)      The Coal Castle (1899)
The Schuykill Haven and Orwigsburg (1898)        The Port Carbon and Middleport (1898)
These companies, along with Schuykill Electric and the People's Railway, were controlled and leased by the Pottsville Union Traction Company, chartered on May 5, 1899. On July 11, 1906, the Eastern Pennsylvania Railway Company was formed to operate the 2 systems which were joined on January 29, 1908. The last extension was completed in 1916 when the Pottsville & St. Claire Electric Railway was opened. In 1921, control passed to the Lehigh Power Securities. In 1923, the system was reorganized as the Eastern Pennsylvania Power & Railway Company. In 1925, the Pennsylvania Power & Light Company disposed of the traction system. In 1928, the East Pennsylvania Traction Company was formed to operate the Railway.
The Wilkes-Barre & Suburban Street Railway Company was built to Plains, Parson and Miners Mill. Service to Plains opened in 1888. On February 5, 1891, a charter was received for the Wilkes-Barre & Wyoming Valley Traction Company. By May 1891, it had secured control of the Kingston, Westside and Coalville Companies. The Suburban resisted takeover. When it defaulted on bond interest payments and subsidiaries forced it into receivership, the company was sold and the new owners formed the Wilkes-Barre Railway Company. Chartered on November 20, 1909, the system was forced to reorganize again under the title of the Wilkes-Barre Railway Corporation.
With the increased popularity of lightweight safety cars in the 1920's, standardization of car types and equipment became of utmost importance in order to cope with declining revenues brought on by automobile and bus competition. During these years a certain car type would be designed by engineers of a large company and a car builder only to appear on a smaller, less prosperous traction property a few years hence under the auspices of the builder.
Boston Elevated Railway Boston, MA 1922 270 n/a
Reading Transit & Light Company Reading, PA 1922 13 800-812
East Penn Power & Railway Company Pottsville, PA 1923 2 300-301
Wilkes-Barre Railway Wilkes-Barre, PA 1933 2 772 & 774
In 1922, Brill of Philadelphia was building the first 100 cars of an eventual order of 270 cars for the Boston Elevated Railway Company, when 2 cars were diverted to Reading Transit & Light Company of Reading, PA. These 2 cars, No 801 and 802, and a preassembled No 800 (Aug 1922) were so well received that they were followed by 8 more preassembled bodies which were assembled in the Reading Transit & Light Shops between 1923 and 1927. Two more cars were assembled in 1926. These 13 cars served Reading until 1952, when the last line Reading-Mohnton gave way to busses, thus giving them the distinction of being the last of this type to operate other than the Boston ones.
Pottsville cars 300 and 301 were built by Brill in 1923, coincident to the second order of type 5's. These cars operated on East Penn from 1923 until 1933 when, along with 14 similar cars, they were sold to Wilkes-Barre Railway Company.
Pottsville cars 300 and 301, built by Brill and received second hand from Eastern Pennsylvania Power & Light Railway Company, were operated by Wilkes-Barre Railway Company as cars 772 and 774. They were retired in 1949.