Lehigh Valley Transit Freight Motor C-10



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In 1908, the Pennsylvania legislature passed the "Trolley Freight Law" which gave traction lines
permission to haul Less Than Carload freight over their lines.
Lehigh Valley Transit started freight service in 1908 using various converted passenger cars.
When freight service was extended to the 72nd Street freight house on the Philadelphia and
Western Railway, a joint freight operation was inaugurated between Lehigh Valley Transit
and Adams Express Agency.
Lehigh Valley Transit ordered freight motor S-3 from Russell Car Co. It was a double truck,
double end, wooden body car. In 1912, LVT rebuilt S-3 into C-10 having pilots installed
for use on the P&W Railway. This was changed to fenders in 1913 and back to pilots in 1916.
C-10 operated over P&W Railway to their 72nd Street freight house until the arrival of C-5,
C-6 & C-7 from the Jewett Car Co.

C-10 was then moved to local freight operation in Chestnut Hill pulling trail cars T-1 through T-4 in which service it was destroyed by fire from an overhead controller on June 12, 1920 on the S. Allentown bridge.