Lehigh Valley Transit Freight Motor C-5


Above Car is the HO Version. An S Scale and an O Scale version are also available (Body and floor only, no castings)

In 1908, the Pennsylvania legislature passed the "Trolley Freight Law" which gave traction lines permission to haul Less Than Carload freight over their lines.
Lehigh Valley Transit started freight service in 1908 using various converted passenger cars. When freight service was extended to the 72nd Street freight house on the Philadelphia and Western Railway, a joint freight operation was inaugurated between Lehigh Valley Transit and Adams Express Agency.
In March 1913, three large wooden freight motors were ordered from Jewett Car Company of Newark, Ohio. These cars were six feet shorter than their 800 Series counterparts and were equipped with identical electrical and mechanical equipment. The cars were numbered C5, C6 and C7. These cars were modified over the years by Lehigh Valley Transit. C7 was modified in 1941 for snow plowing service. The cars lasted until the end of operation in 1951.

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