St. Louis Car Company

Lightweight City Car D.T.D.E.
Kit # SLCC 400



William B. McGorum, newly elected Vice President and General Manager of L.V.T., inaugurated the rehabilitation program and directed company policies for the ensuing seven years.

Utility equipment company, Railway Equipment Brokers, shipped forty-three second hand electric railway cars to L.V.T. between July 1938 and January 1939. This group included twenty-two second hand lightweight double truck city suburban type cars from defunct companies scattered throughout the United States as follows:

Two cars were built in 1926 from Public Service of Wisconsin, Green Bay, Wisconsin
Fourteen cars built in 1923 from Ohio Valley Electric Railway Co., Huntingdon, West Virginia
Six cars built in 1916 from Jamestown Street Railway Co, Jamestown, New York

The Public Service of Wisconsin and the Jamestown Street Railway Cars were both built by the St. Louis Car Co.

The L.V.T. Mech. Dept. assigned 400 series numbers to these cars and they were assigned to the Allentown division.

L.V.T. Numbering Scheme as follows:

From Public Service of
Wisconsin, their Car Number
To LVT Car Number Scrapped On
58 400 8/19/52
57 401 8/11/52
From Jamestown Street Railway Co., their Car Number To LVT Car Number Scrapped On
79 440 4/3/53
80 441 4/3/53
81 442 8/21/52
82 443 8/13/52
83 444 8/8/52
85 445 8/13/52