Wason Car Company Freight Motor WCC01

Wason Car Company Double Truck Snow Plow

Wason plows were of two types - (1) nose type for single track operation with a maximum width of 12',-9"
with all wings open and (2) shear plows for double track operation with a maximum width of 14'-0" with all wings open. These cars were usually built with Wason arch bar trucks unless the customer either specified another type of truck or, in some cases, supplied his own. Another option was in the width of the side door which could be either 3'-0" or 5'-0". Some units were also built with two side doors. These cars were built from the early 1900s until about World War I. Both types had either manually or air operated plows.

Wason plows were found primarily on New England lines although a few more were found in other locations such as Pennsylvania.

One of the last Wason plows built was a shear plow for the Philadelphia & Western Railroad in 1916 which was mounted on St. Louis #61 trucks with spoked wheels. This car was the last commercially built plow on an operating traction property. Now RTY has plow in its collection.