Lehigh Valley Transit Interurban Car 1030



Super Detailing KND's LVT 1030 by Gordon Haugen

1. First, I filed and sanded the ridges cast into the mold below the anticlimber.
2. From a piece of 1/64 x 1/16 brass stock, I cut three 11 scale foot pieces. I narrowed these to approx 3 HO scale inches with my trusty Dremel disk prior to making the cut.
3. Now, I placed the three pieces down on a sticky-side-up piece of masking tape where I could do some soldering.
4. I cut another 4 narrowed brass pieces, 2 at about 1-3/4 scale ft and 2 at about 3-1/2 ft; these to be used for the vertical pieces of the fender.
5. I determined the center of the 11 scale foot fender and placed a pencil dot just to the top and the bottom. From these points, I measured out 1 scale foot on either side of the dots and placed another pair. From these, I measured out another 2 scale ft on both sides and placed still another pair of dots. These dots mark where I would solder the vertical pieces.
6. Starting with the dots furthest out, I soldered the two 13/4 scale foot vertical pieces, centered on the three fenders.
7. Then, I soldered the two longer, vertical pieces on the inner dots, again centered on the three fenders.
8. Removing the assembled fenders from the tape, I bent the two center vertical pieces 90 degrees outward to hold the steps. I trimmed all the vertical pieces to look nice, the two inner ones wide enough for a step.
9. I then cut two styrene steps about 2-1/2 scale ft long and as wide as I thought a step should be. I drilled a .020" hole on the outside corners of both steps.
10. I then glued the two steps onto the bent middle pieces and fitted a piece of .020" wire vertically through the corner holes and then glued them.
11. For a tread on the steps, I cut small pieces of emery cloth and glued them on.
Other modifications I made on the car include replacing the steps with some old Walthers North Shore steps I had in my parts box. I cut off the pilot to facilitate this, besides the pilot on the Bowser floor is too far back anyway.